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  • Anti Collision Strips – Impact Protection

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    Anti Collision Strips are the perfect solution for preventing physical injury from bumps and knocks from exposed edges, corners and low head height protrusions Manufactured from soft closed cell...
  • Anti Slip Tape

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    Anti slip tape has a durable self-adhesive backed grit surface that can be applied to any clean dry surface and are ideal for reducing slip accidents Suitable for stair treads, ramps and hazardous...
  • Anti-Slip Floor Panels

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    FRP floor plates are manufactured from safety yellow fibreglass composite plastic that features a tough anti slip grit Ideal for hazardous floors and platforms that are prone to slip accidents...
  • Architectural Stair Nosing

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    Manufactured from non-corrosive and hard wearing anodised aluminium these Architectural Stair Nosing's are designed to comply with AS14281 Design for Access and Mobility Part:1 General Requirements...
  • Ball-Fence System

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    Ball-Fence is a modular handrail system that includes stanchions in a range of configurations, a top (hand) rail and a centre (knee) rail Ball-Fence can be used in a range of configurations due to a...
  • Cable Covers

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    Cable covers are a light duty cable protector for internal installations like offices, retail stores and exhibition spaces They are designed to protect cables from pedestrian and light trolley...
  • Cable Protectors – Plastic

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    Plastic cable protectors come in Two, Three or Five channel design with a polyurethane and rubber construction They are ideal for festivals, public events and workplaces It has interlocking ends that...
  • Cable Protectors – Rubber

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    Rubber cable protectors are made from hard-wearing moulded rubber and plastic materials in black and safety yellow They are available in two, three, or five-channel models and are ideal for...
  • Corner Protectors

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    Corner protectors are manufactured from moulded and recycled rubber and finished with black and yellow stripes They are the ideal solution to protect assets and vehicles from impact damage in car...
  • Dock-Safe Manual Boom Gate

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    The Dock-Safe Boom Gate is designed as a safety barrier for raised loading docks and elevated areas to prevent fall accidents off the ledge It is recommended to have the boom locked in the down...
  • Drop-Over Cable Protector

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    Drop-over cable protectors are manufactured from moulded polyethylene and features a one channel design with interlocking ends to create continuous cable or hose protection They protect cables from...
  • Fibre Glass Stair Nosing

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    FRP stair nosing is manufactured from safety yellow fibreglass reinforced composite plastic that features a tough anti slip grit Ideal for public spaces and workplaces to eliminate the risk of slip...
  • Pilot Hygiene

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    This range of ready-made hygiene kits will help you promote good hygiene practices More than ever before employees and customers are encouraging businesses to promote safe hygiene practices, and our...
  • Rubber Dock Bumpers (B-Section)

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    Dock bumpers have been manufactured from heavy duty recycled rubber and moulded into a high performance B shape design They are ideal for installation onto loading bays or areas where mobile trolleys...
  • Rubber Dock Bumpers (D-Section)

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    Rubber docking bumpers are made from heavy-duty, blended rubber compounds and designed to protect assets from vehicle damage The popular D-shaped design is ideal for mounting to loading docks,...
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