Kerb Ramps & Wheel Chocks

We sell kerb ramps and wheel chocks that are made from tough, durable rubber and plastic materials. Our ramps and chocks are popular in construction and industrial industries as they come in various models and sizes and the portable nature makes them ideal for storage in trucks and utes.

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  • Access Ramp

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    One piece access ramps made from slip-resistant recycled rubber easily fit in front of your door or any other vertical barrier you might have These 100% recycled rubber ramps help you effortlessly...
  • Aircraft Wheel Chocks

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    Connected rubber wheel chocks designed for use with light aircraft but can be used in any application Being connected eliminates individual chocks from going missingClick on an image below for...
  • Kerb Ramp – Black & Hi-Vis Yellow

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    Kerb ramps are a portable black rubber ramp that allow cars, caravans, utes and trucks to easily drive over kerbs and steps They are ideal for construction sites, distribution centres, emergency...
  • Kerb Ramp Rubber

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    Our best-selling kerb ramps are made from durable recycled black rubber and are designed to improve car, truck, forklift, and hand trolley access over changes in ground levels like kerbs (curbs) and...
  • Portable Trolley Ramp

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    Portable trolley ramps made from lightweight injection moulded plastic is designed for use on kerbs and steps Ideal for wheelchairs and hand trolleys wanting to gain temporary access to elevated...
  • Wheel Chock – Injection Moulded Plastic

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    Wheel chock manufactured from injection moulded plastic stops cars, trailers and caravans from moving when parked Suitable for business and personal use, these wheel chocks take up little storage...
  • Wheel Chock – Moulded Plastic

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    Plastic wheel chock stops vehicles, trucks, trailers and caravans from moving when they are parked Ideal for transport companies, mine sites and caravan owners, this wheel chock is suitable for...
  • Wheel Chocks – Rubber

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    Rubber wheel chocks made from moulded recycled black rubber are available in single and double-sided designs Their versatility stretches between light and heavy-duty vehicles such as cars, utes,...
  • Wheel Chocks – Urethane

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    Wheel chocks manufactured from moulded urethane in bright orange colour are suitable for stopping vehicles, trucks, trailers and caravans from moving when not in use Ideal for transport companies,...
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