Speed Humps

We sell speed humps and traffic calming products that slow down traffic in the car parks and driveways of any industrial, commercial, public or private area. Our rubber speed humps comply to AS 2890.1:2004 and come with fixings included.

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  • Rubber Speed Hump

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    Rubber speed humps are made from black recycled and natural rubber They comprise alternating black and yellow body modules with optional black rubber ends Rubber speed humps are easy to install by...
  • Rumble Strip Rubber

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    Rubber Rumble Strips are designed for use as a speed moderator and lane divider in car parks and driveways Manufactured from high-quality durable recycled rubber they are available in black and...
  • Speed Hump Traffic Calming

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    Traffic calming speed hump system is designed with interlocking body and end modules that are made from solid natural and recycled rubber It comes with fixings for immediate installation into asphalt...
  • Speed Hump Traffic Calming Rubber Round

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    Traffic calming rubber hump is designed with a round profile as an alternative to traditional speed hump models The smooth design allows for use from a wide range of light to heavy vehicles and is...
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