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Our traffic and parking products have been specifically selected to create the safest environment for pedestrians and vehicles moving about your faciltiy, car park or workplace.

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  • Anti-Slip Mats

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    Red rubber version provides additional oil resistant quality Bevelled mat edges for safety Non-slip and anti-fatigue design Wide range of applications in workplaces, businesses and homes Provides...
  • Collapsible Cones

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    Collapsible cones are manufactured from nylon material and come with a choice of rubber or plastic base They come with an internal light that can be switched between constant or flashing modes...
  • Cone Bar Retractable

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    The retractable cone bar is manufactured from ABS plastic with alternating black and yellow stripes It is designed to extend and retract to join traffic cones together to create temporary barricading...
  • Cone Ring

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    Cone rings are manufactured from UV stabilised flexible plastic and has been designed as an accessory for your traffic cones When paired with plastic chains, they allow the cones to be connected...
  • Height Clearance Bars Group 1

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    Suspended height restriction bar with hanger assemblies and chains Minimise the risk of damaging vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering areas of restricted height by installing...
  • Marking Dots

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    Marking dots are manufactured from injection moulded hi-vis yellow or white plastic and are used for the delineation of parking bays in private or commercial car parks and garages They are an ideal...
  • Parking Separator 1m – Recycled Rubber – Yellow

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    Parking separator is manufactured from recycled rubber and is designed for traffic delineation in car parks and parking complexes It features a hi-vis yellow finish with reflective panels for...
  • Parking Space Protectors

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    Collapsible parking space protectors are used in private and commercial car parks to stop unauthorised vehicles from occupying a parking spot or entering prohibited areasClick on an image below...
  • Retractable Cone Toppa

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    Retractable cone toppa is a belt barrier for traffic cones designed to create safety barricading around potential hazards in the workplace Ideal for protecting pedestrians and employees moving about...
  • Scorpion Wheel Clamp – Zinc Plated

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    Scorpion wheel clamp is designed to fit range of front or rear wheels on large 4WD's and small sedansĀ Used by many private owners of cars, trailers or caravans to prevent theft from driveways,...
  • Skateboard Studs

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    Skateboard studs are designed as a deterrent to prevent skateboarders from vandalising and defacing public and private assets such as edgeways, kerbs and street furniture They come in a range of...
  • Speed Hump Traffic Calming Rubber Round

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    Traffic calming rubber hump is designed with a round profile as an alternative to traditional speed hump models The smooth design allows for use from a wide range of light to heavy vehicles and is...
  • Traffic Cones

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    Reflective traffic cones are manufactured from UV stabilised fluorescent orange flexible plastic materials and come with a plastic or rubber base They are widely used for road works, schools, civil...
  • Traffic Lane Separators

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    Traffic Lane Separators used to mark traffic lanes, bicycle lane separation, parking bays and tramwaysClick on an image below for product specific...
  • Trench Cover 1200 x 800mm HPPE – Yellow

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    A lightweight, portable trench cover to allow the safe passage of pedestrian traffic over excavations Reinforcing bars add strength to the underside, while anti-slip texture provides grip to...
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