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Wheel Chocks - Rubber

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Rubber wheel chocks made from moulded recycled black rubber are available in single and double-sided designs. They are suitable for light and heavy duty vehicles such as cars, utes, caravans, buses and trucks. The portable and compact design makes storage in your vehicle easy and non-invasive.


  • Ideal for trucks, trailers and caravans
  • Heavy duty, high quality chocks stop vehicles from moving whilst not in use
  • Transport companies, caravan dealerships and mine sites use these regularly
  • Available in single and double sided designs
  • Rope connection points are moulded into WC1 and WC2 chock designs


Product Name Product Description Price Qty
Product Name
Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty Rubber
Heavy duty rubber wheel chock, 255 x 210 x 180mm, 5.5kgs
(inc GST)
Product Name
Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty Double Sided Rubber
Heavy duty rubber wheel chock double-sided, 180 x 250 x 220mm, 6.7kgs
(inc GST)
Product Name
Wheel Chock - Super Heavy Duty Rubber
Super heavy duty rubber truck chock, 305 x 260 x 300mm, 12.5kgs
(inc GST)