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Trench Cover

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A lightweight, portable trench cover to allow the safe passage of pedestrian traffic over excavations. Reinforcing bars add strength to the underside, while anti-slip texture provides grip to the top surface. The design incorporates moulded-in carry handles and recessed fixing points, to allow it to be pinned in place.

  • Ideal for uncovered pits, trenches and manholes.
  • Ensures safe works space, construction site or public access is maintained.
  • Protect workers and members of the general public from falling or tripping around work sites.
  • Suitable for trenches or pits up to 700mm wide.
  • Made from light weight polyethylene and strengthened with 4 x steel reinforcement bars.
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    Trench Cover
    Trench cover 1200 x 800mm HPPE (17kgs) – Yellow
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