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Hook Posts Removable In-Floor

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Removable rope or chain barrier posts

Choose from two grades of stainless steel or durable UPVC plastic. All posts are 63mm in diameter. Removable in-floor posts are a pin and socket design that allow the posts to be quickly deployed or removed without tools leaving a clear floor. Hook posts are a 4-way configuration and accept our plastic or stainless steel chain or braided ropes. Stainless steel in-floor sockets sold separately.

Product Features:

  • 4-way hooks accepts a range of braided ropes and chains.
  • Economy, Premium and UPVC models available.
  • Post design is easy to drop-in or remove from floor socket when required.
  • Ideal for crowds queuing in cinemas, shopping centres and bank institutions.
  • Suitable for concrete, tiled and carpeted floors.
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