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Workplace Safety

We sell workplace safety products that are designed to ensure your employees are safe while they work and move about your office, facility or building. We have products designed to keep workstations and offices tidy to avoid tripping and falling incidents.

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  • Wire Shelving

    Wire shelving is manufactured from heavy duty steel posts and height adjustable wire ...
  • Access Ramp

    One piece access ramps made from slip resistant recycled rubber easily fit in front o...
  • Trench Cover

    A lightweight, portable trench cover to allow the safe passage of pedestrian traffic ...
  • Pit-Pal Portable Pit Surround

    Portable, lightweight panels used as a pit surround or for crowd control barricading....
  • Collapsible mesh storage cage

    A strong versatile storage cage ideal for transport or warehousing. It collapses in s...

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  • Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mats

    This popular non-slip rubber floor mat is manufactured from hard-wearing and high-qua...
  • Step Stools

    Safety step stools are made from moulded plastic and steel and come with retracting c...
  • Skateboard Studs

    Skateboard studs are designed as a deterrent to prevent skateboarders from vandalisin...
  • Padlock 40mm

    40mm brass padlock that suits lighter duty applications. Two keys supplied.

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  • Protect-it Rack Protectors

    Protect-it rack protector modules, in black and yellow colours, are designed to indep...

10 Item(s)

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