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Dome Convex Safety Mirrors

Dome Convex Mirrors

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Dome convex safety mirrors are an economical alternative to other expensive models on the market and come in models that provide 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree views. They are widely used in convenience stores, milkbars and shops.

Product Features:

  • Provides a broader area of surveillance
  • Fix all mirrors directly to ceiling
  • Full dome can be suspended on chains
  • 90, 180 or 360 degree view models available
  • Economical and lightweight
Grouped product items
Product Name Short Description Qty
Convex Mirror Ceiling Dome 1000mm Indoor

SKU: D100360


Convex Mirror Half Dome 1000mm Indoor

SKU: D100180


Dome Convex Mirror - Corner Dome

SKU: D6090

Corner dome, 400mm diameter, 90 degree view, 0.28kgs

Dome Convex Mirror - Full Dome

SKU: D60360

Full dome, 600mm diameter, 360 degree view, 1.14kgs

Dome Convex Mirror - Half Dome

SKU: D60180

Half dome, 600mm diameter, 180 degree view, 0.54kgs