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Cable Protectors - Plastic

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Plastic cable protectors come in a two channel design with a polyurethane and rubber construction. They are ideal for festivals, public events and workplaces. It has interlocking ends that allows for cable and hose protection across short or long distances.


  • Three or five channel models available
  • Hinged rubber/plastic lid
  • Designed to protect cables and hoses
  • Short term use
  • Ability to withstand light duty vehicles and pedestrian traffic
Product Name Product Description Price Qty
Product Name
Plastic Cable Protector - 2 Channel
2 Channels W27mm x D30mm, 1000 x 250 x 45mm, Safety Orange and Yellow, 5.5kgs
(inc GST)

Out of stock

Product Name
Plastic Cable Protector - 3 Channel
3 Channels W65mm x D55mm, 900 x 500 x 70mm, Safety Orange and Yellow, 13.5kgs
(inc GST)
Product Name
Plastic Cable Protector - 5 Channel
5 Channels W35mm x D35mm, 900 x 500 x 55mm, Safety Orange and Yellow, 11.5kgs
(inc GST)